Saturday, December 5, 2015

Blast from the past! - SPIROGRAPH!

This week I found some time to experiment with a newly acquired "travel" sized Spirograph! What a fun "blast from the past!" 

As a young kid, I remember LOVING my Spirograph -- and if I'm being perfectly honest, I still LOVE it! (In fact, I still have my original Spirograph set.)

You may remember the "old" version of Spirograph required special pens in order to fit in the holes. But, after emailing the company that re-launched Spirograph (, I learned that one of the improvements they made was to enlarge the holes. Now, most household ballpoint and fine line markers will work with the gears.  It is no longer necessary to have special pens!

The "travel" sized Spirograph literally fits in the palm of your hand and everything fits "inside" easily. It uses a Post-It note sized piece of paper -- so, now I have another great reason to dig into my scraps where there are plenty of papers that size.

Can't wait to start adding Spirograph "art" to the backgrounds of scrapbook pages and cards! 

Would love to hear about your experiences with Spirograph. Please share your thoughts and memories by leaving a comment. 


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